Semivac - CV188BBL CSA B620-09
  • Capacity 30 cubes 6600 Imp gal (imperial gallons)
  • Full opening rear door
  • 6" heated code compliant suction and discharge valves
  • Two hydraulic vibrators
  • Hydraulic wet kit
  • Rubuschi RB-DV-85 1600 CFM blower
  • 27" Hg max vacuum
  • 320 " 6 stage hydraulic dump cylinder
  • 6" plumbing
  • Aluminum hose tray/ fender assembly + code rear bumper


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Standard Configuration - 30 Cube Semivac Trailer

188 BBL Semivac Trailer System with the following specifications (Tridem Truck/Tri Axle Trailer Configuration)

Tank Capacity:

  • 30 m3 capacity (+3% Outage) 6600 Imp.Gal.


Vessel designed and constructed in full compliance with Transport Canada Specification TC407/412 CSA B620-09

  • Head Material 72" x 5/16"
  • Shell Material 72" x 1/4"
  • Tank Diameter 72" OD
  • Operating Temperature -20 deg. F to 200 deg. F
  • Hydrostatic Test Pressure 40 PSIG

Primary Shut-Off:

  • 8" heavy duty internal shut-off with a 10" stainless steel ball and 12: cage assembly, neoprene rubber seat, and 6" flanged outlet

Isolation Valve:

  • Single 6" air operated butterfly valve between primary shut-off and cyclone with independent control switch at operator station


  • 6" piping with rubber hose connections
  • 6" composite loop hose c/w vic clamps each end
  • Two cleanout ports on lower suction pipe with two 2" kunkle relief valves


  • Three removable gull wing style baffles


  • 7 circumferential reinforcement flat bar rings

Sheeps Feet:

  • 3 sets of formed angle welded to base of flat bar rings for extra tank Support

Tank Lock Down:

  • Tank Lock Down Assembly to meet current B620 Code

Overturn Protection:

  • 4" roll bars top of tank, on reinforcement pads and gussetts
  • Liquid Level Indicators:
  • Two recessed stainless steel rotary float gauges with 6" stainless steel ball, Teflon packing, and
  • grease fitting located front and rear side of tank D/S
  • Rear Door:
  • Full open hydraulic door assemble c/w 6 heavy duty wing clamps, neoprene door gasket double acting hydraulic cylinder and counter balance valve . Read door safety post D/S

Blower Specifications:

  • Robuschi RB-DV-85,Tri Lobe PD Blower
  • 1600 CFM Free air Rating ,27" Hg Maximum Vacuum
  • Oil free operation ( except sealed reservoirs)
  • High torque/High Temperature Drive Coupling wit Flex Insert
  • Exhaust plumbed to passenger side and down along front deck
  • One exhaust silencer and One Intake silencer

Blower Drive:

  • 8 bolt air shift Muncie  P.T.O mounted on tractor transmission with direct mount hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic motor bolted to blower.
  • P.T.O. control mounted in counsel inside tractor cab

Filtration System:

  • 6" cyclone mounted on trailer frame with bottom swing clean-out door, 2" brass heated drain valve and aluminum camlok fittings.
  • 16" diameter washable inline S.S. /fiber filter element, 20 micron for protection of blower.


  • One 6" exhaust silencer
  • One 6" intake silencer with integral check valve for pressurizing tank.

Blower Plumbing:

  • 6" diameter with rubber hose connections to eliminate vibration.
  • Blower Valving:
  • 6" inline check valve assembly to prevent blower back spin while tank pressurized.
  • 6" Four-Way diverter valve for vacuum/pressure changeover modes c/w hydraulic cylinder control

Suction Valve:

  • One 6" brass load valve with 6" sand pipe c/w aluminum camlok D/S.
  • One 4" brass load valve (straight through) c/w aluminum camlok fitting P/S.

Discharge Valve:

  • One 6" brass discharge valve with aluminum kamlok fittings located on bottom center of rear door.
  • "Note: Tractor outfitted with coupling for trailer connection, antifreeze line with  valve from engine c/w push pump. Antifreeze line runs to rear of trailer.
  • All Rear valves heated and equipped with Custom Vac Air Actuators and separate control switches.

Hydraulic System:

  • Linde closed loop design system
  • Variable speed joystick for blower speed
  • torque control for vac pressure
  • Multi-function hydraulic control valve bank to operate, rear door and vibrators.
  • Independent control to operate hoist cylinder
  • Hose mast on tractor between trailer using high pressure wing quick couplers and main system relief valve for uncoupling safety.

Hydraulic Dump System:

  • Single post Mailhot hydraulic dump cylinder 30 ton capacity at final stage, 320" stroke 6 stage single acting (45" 48 degree dump angle) & rear dump pivot. Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve


  • Two Global hydraulic vibrator assemblies mounted on bottom of tank with reinforcing pads, heavy duty mounting channel, pressure relief valve.
  • Run 3/8" SS high pressure and 1/2" SS hard lines.

Hydraulic Reservoir:

  • 140 gallon tank skid mounted on tractor c/w
  • Vent, filters, Temperature and level indicators, fill breather cap
  • And inspection hatches

Hydraulic Cooler:

  • Two 120 volt oil coolers c/w fittings and required electrical

Pressure Relief:

  • Two 3" x 30 PSIG pressure relief  vents
  • Two 2" Knuckle relief vents in lower plumbing


  • 30/30 tank vacuum/pressure gauges (additional gauge at rear door), hydraulic pressure gauges & blower temperature gauge. All gauges mounted in open area

Front Deck:

  • 1/8" formed checker plate c/w handrail.

Hose Trays:

  • Preformed Light gauge Aluminum Hose Trays / Fenders on C/S & D/S of unit
  • D/S as long as possible.


  • Four flip style placards
  • One steel fitting box D/S
  • One steel toolbox door c/w two pail holders D/S.
  • Squeegee/shovel holders (pipe style ).


  • D.O.T. lighting with LED two lamp rear module assembly, clearance lamps, reflectors, three in a row clearance markers, junction box,
  • 6" L.E.D. work lights ( large style)
  • Stop and Turn light box modules mounted on rear top of rear door
  • Back up alarm
  • Tank up warning light in truck dash with buzzer
  • Hour meter installed in tractor for blower
  • Two blower switches, One in tractor cab, and one by valve bank


  • Code rear bumper for protection of external valves with platform step assembly
  • Steps on rear skirt D/S & P/S for rear door lock access

Additional Items Included:

  • 6" sample port located top center of tank with camlok/cap.
  • Diesel flush tank
  • Mudflaps in all locations as necessary
  • 50' wind up ground cable
  • Two tire chain holders (slide out style)
  • One operators manual wit unit
  • NSM (National Safety Mark)
  • One Year Standard Manufactures Ltd Warranty

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