Combination Wash/Vacuum
  • 16 cube capacity
  • 12m3 debris 4m3 water
  • Full open hydraulic rear door
  • 6" + 4" heated and code compliant rear valves
  • Hydraulic vibrator
  • Robuschi  RB-DV-85 blower, 1600 CFM
  • 27" HG max vacuum
Wash system
  • Wash system c/w Cat 660 triplex plunger pump
  • Hotshot 120 volt heater, 980,000 BTU/hr  
  • Hydraulic hose reels
  • All enclosed inside a heated, insulated aluminum enclosure

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Standard Configuration - Combo Wash/Vac

DESIGN: Vessel designed and constructed in compliance with Transport Canada
Compliance TC407/412  CSA B620-09

Debris Tank
  • 2640 Imp Gal +3% Outage
  • 78" Diameter x 12' Lg
  • 78" x 5/16" Heads
  • 78" x 5/16" Shells
  • Three reinforcement rings
  • Three Rollover Bars
  • Preformed angle front and rear pedestals
  • Tank Lock down assembly to meet current B620 Code
  • Reinforcing pads on all tank attachments
  • 8" Primary internal shutoff, float  ball and rubber seat /cage assembly with 6" flanged outlet.
  • 6" Heated tank isolation valve, with air control switch at operation
  • 6" Plumbing
  • 6" Composite loop hose c/w vic clamps
  • Pressure Vessel Hydrotested to 40 PSI
  • Full Opening Hydraulic Lift Rear Door c/w 6 pinwheel door locks
  • 6" Brass Load Valve , with internal 6" sandpipe D/S
  • 4" Brass Load Valve, P//S
  • 6" Brass Discharge Valve, Bottom Center of Rear Door
  • All rear valves heated and equipped with air/open, spring/close actuators , flipper style switches ,Aluminum Camlocks and Caps
  • Recessed Stainless Steel Liquid Level Indicator, indicator with grab handle - D/S
  • 6" Cyclone with Clean-Out Door & 2" Brass Heated Drain
  • 3" x 30PSI pressure relief vent
  • 2" Pressure Relief Valve in lower Vac/Pressure Piping
  • Operating Temperature -20 F to 200 deg F
Water Compartment 4 Cubes (880 Imp Gal ):
  • 20" Manway
  • Stainless Steel Liquid Level Indicator, indicator with grab handle P/S
  • 2" Heated  Breather,fill and suction c/w Riser/Vent Pipe
  • 2" Heated  Drain Valve c/w air actuated valve. Switch control at operator station
  • 2" Heated hard piped supply line, c/w composite loop hose and valve. Direct connection through wash cabinet to wash pump
  • 2" Vacuum Changeover Valve & Air Control switch at Operator Station
  • Catwalk,back rail and ladder D/S
Robuschi RB DV 85  PD Blower & Related Components:
  • High Efficiency Tri-Lobe Design
  • 1600 CFM Free Air Rating
  • 27" Hg Maximum Vacuum
  • Oil Free Operation (Except Sealed Reservoirs)
  • Blower Clearance & Timing Inspection Prior to Installation 6" Four-Way Divertor Valve (Vacuum to Pressure Modes)
  • 6" Double Door Check Valve (To Prevent Blower Back Spin)
  • 16" Dia. x 20 Micron Rating (Washable) Prestage Blower Filter High Torque/High Temp Blower Drive Coupling with Flexible Insert
  • One Exhaust Silencer, One Intake Silence
Hydraulic System (Linde Closed Loop Design):
  • Hydraulic motor for blower and triplex
  • Hydraulic pump for blower and triplex
  • Single pump for auxiliary functions
  • Spool type multifunction valve bank
  • Rear deck control for rear door
  • Variable Speed Joystick Control for Blower
  • Wash pump and Hydraulic reel controls are mounted inside wash cabinet
  • 90 Imperial Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir (Cleaned, Purged & Air Tested Prior to Installation) c/w Intank (10 Micron) Filter, Temperature & Level  Indicators
  • Global Hydraulic Vibrator with Flow Control Valve
  • 12 Volt  Oil Cooler
  • Mailhot 3-Stage Hydraulic Dump Cylinder
  • Double Acting Rear Door Hydraulic Cylinder with Safety Counter Balance Valve (Valve has to be Hydraulically Actuated for Door to Move).
  • Hydraulic Hose and fittings as required
Wash System (Installed on Passenger Side):
  • Cat 660 Pressure pump  (Rated 10 GPM @ 3000 PSI Max)
  • 1" Strainer
  • Three Hydraulic Hose Reels
  • 100' x 3/8" pressure hose,trigger gun, wand., nozzle.and quick coupler
  • 100' x 3/8" steam hose, steam wand,nozzle and quick coupler
  • Degreaser assembly
Hot Water System:
  • Hot Shot 980,000 BTU/hr Burner c/w Honeywell control, relief valves temperature gauge Wet steam kit, Diagnostic panel
  • New Style 18 GPM Solid Brass Flow Switch with no bypass line
  • Safety feature: a Maximum 340 deg. Auto Shut-off on heater system
  • 3000  Pro Watt inverter
  • Automatic chimney/lid and Shutter vent to open when burner is ignited.
  • Glycol Flush Tank /Air Blown System
  • All plumbing in Stainless Steel
Wash Cabinet:
  • Milron Aluminum 40" Crossover cabinet c/w heaters and interior lights
  • Small door in large door  for hose access P/S
Frame Unit, Decking:
  • 3" x 6" HSS Tubing Full Length Sub-frame secured to Truck - Transport Canada Code Compliant
  • Sub-Frame supports decking, Rear Hoist Hinges & Front Hoist Cradle
  • Full Length Decking Sheets with Heavy Duty Outrigger Supports & 1-1/4" HSS Steel Tubing Handrails, Close in Plates, Rear Tire Skirt & C/S Hose Stoppers
  • Code Rear Bumper with Platform Step & Rear Dirt Shield
  • Two Steel 60" Deck Boxes
  • Two Steel Rear Skirt Fitting Boxes
Electrical System:
  • Waterproof Main Circuit Control Box Self Contained Power Supply
  • Sealed Wire Harness c/w Waterproof Junction Boxes
  • L.E.D. lamps (Clearance, Park, Signal)
  • Sealed LED Reverse Lamps
  • Four L.E.D. Work Lights 2- front, and 2 at rear
  • Electrical System Shut-Down at Key
  • Sealed Rear Skirt Lamp Modules
  • Stop & Turn L.E.D. Sealed Lamp Modules on Top Ring of Rear Door
  • Tank up alarm
  • Back-Up Alarm
  • Two Blower switches One in cab ,and one on deck
  • Water tank Epoxy lined with Devoe 233
Additional Items:
  • Two Slide Out Style Chain Holders
  • 4 Multi-Pin Placards
  • Mudflaps as required
  • 30lb Fire Extinguisher c/w Mounting Bracket & Cover
  • Diesel Flush Ball valve assembly
  • 50' wind up ground cable
  • One Operators Manual
  • National Safety Mark

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